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Play Fallout: New Vegas as a YouTube Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

Decisions, decisions...

YouTuber and Fallout fanatic Many a True Nerd has adapted Fallout: New Vegas into a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure video series.

Entitled Fallout: New Vegas - Choose Your Own Apocalypse, this "interactive novel" tasks players with going through Fallout: New Vegas' campaign by making a series of decision in a collection of short video segments. Each clips lasts somewhere between 30 seconds and a couple of minutes and ends with a choice influencing where your adventure leads.

It's rather thorough too, and Many a True Nerd noted at the conclusion that there are multiple routes through the game that will result in success. So just because one of your schemes goes bust doesn't mean it's time to fold.

Upon meeting your end you're prompted to start again, though you could always cheat by using the "back" button - something Many a True Nerd discourages (but I did anyway).

Fallout: New Vegas - Choose Your Own Apocalypse is best played on a computer as mobile devices may not embed the annotated choices within the video, which is a shame as Many a True Nerd did a pretty great job at laying out the positioning of each choice making decisions clear and easy to follow - if not to make.

Go on and give it a go. Let us know how you get on with this abbreviated, narrative-focused adaptation.

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Fallout: New Vegas

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