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Omega Five next Wednesday

Essential fats for XBLA.

Hudson has chirped that side-scrolling shooter Omega Five will be next week's Live Arcade offering.

It will cost 800 Points (EUR 9.30 / GBP 6.80) and puts you in control of a ninja-like character that uses ranged, melee and pet attacks to clear the screens of would be assailants with clearly bad intentions from birth.

Like Geometry Wars, you control the movement with the left analogue stick and direction of fire with the right, obliterating enemies with upgradable weapons like reflecting laser beams or enormous special nuke attacks. Each character has their own unique abilities and style.

Among its biggest lures are its bright and colourful 3D environments and swanky special effects, as well as the option to join a friend in local co-operative play.

Look out for our thoughts on it close to its release next Wednesday. Meanwhile, pop into our Omega Five gallery for a better idea of what it is all about.

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Omega Five

Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS

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