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No, you can't play Halo Infinite's campaign now, even if you have the disc

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Here's a PSA for anyone rushing to stick their Halo Infinite disc in their Xbox: no, the game's campaign is currently not available to play.

Those with a physical edition of Halo Infinite report that the disc will install ~15GB worth of game files - but then request players go online to download the rest.

And, as we reported earlier, the campaign itself does not go live until 6pm UK time tonight - without the ability to pre-load.

Disc-based games often ask for a title update before they can be played, but fans have flagged up Halo Infinite in particular as it seems clear the disc's 15GB is not the full game.

What is actually on the Halo Infinite disc? We've asked Microsoft for more.

Halo Infinite's campaign actually weighs in at around 25GB, with its multiplayer portion around another 4GB - though these values vary depending which pieces of Halo Infinite you may have already, and what you're now looking to install.

There's currently no way of installing the campaign without multiplayer - which tallies with how the game's campaign is listed as £49.99 DLC on Steam.

And since the game treats the campaign as DLC, the idea of having a disc for the game at all is rather muddled. How do you sell a physical copy of a free-to-play game when what you're really paying for is more of an add-on? With great difficulty.

For more, check out our Halo Infinite release guide.

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