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New Black trailer released

It's looking very special.

If happiness is a warm gun, pure unadulterated ecstasy is a really massive gun that's so hot from the relentess BLAMBLAMBLAM of its neverending stream of bullets that before you can pick it up you have to put on oven gloves. Made of the stuff they put on the outside of space shuttles.

That's our opinion, anyway, so we've been very much looking forward to Black, the forthcoming first person shooter from Burnout developer Criterion - and now we're even more excited having watched the new trailer.

Black is set in a near-future Eastern Europe and sees you playing as a former member of the mysterious Black Operations division. When your old Black Ops chums disappear, it's down to you to head into enemy territory and bring the troops home.

And, by the looks of things, shoot anything and everything you meet along the way - cue endless amounts of hard-fought gun battles and huge explosions, all beautifully rendered at a pace that'll give your eyes blisters.

Black is currently in development for PS2 and Xbox, but there's no word on a release date yet. In the meantime, the trailer really is worth checking out.

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