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Mobile release round-up

A quick rundown.

With new mobile titles pouring into the market on a daily basis, here's a quick rundown of some of the latest titles on offer for those seeking some entertainment on the go.

Hamburg-based 3D games developer Fishlabs has announced the launch of Planet Riders 3D, taking high speed racing off road and into the solar system with armoured jet racers loaded with sci-fi weaponry.

Take on some of the most fearless pilots in the solar system and use any means possible to win, including unleashing your road rage with a selection of mines, laser guns and heat-seeking missiles, and using the wrong fork at dinner time (possibly).

The game takes place across 10 different planets, with four different game modes including Bluetooth multiplayer, and is scheduled for release this month by Arvato Mobile in Europe and Superscape in the US.

Spanish mobile games publisher and developer Kato Studios brings something a little different to the mobile market with the launch of a new fighting game based on the fluid dance-like Brazilian martial art of Capoeira.

Take on a series of increasingly difficult opponents in two-round matches for the crown of the Capoeira tournament, or opt for a single one-on-one match up set against beautiful Amazonian backdrops, stunning waterfalls and some of the most instantly recognisable environments of the South American country.

The game features fluid animation and has been developed with support from real Capoeira experts to ensure that the game recreates the fluidity and grace of the martial art with an incredible level of realism and accuracy.

More information on Capoeira can be found by visiting www.katostudios.com.

German developer HandyGames, responsible for unleashing award-winning football streaking game Flitzer on the mobile world, has announced a new title with a distinctly Bavarian and decidedly barmy twist.

Beershooter challenges players to squirt fresh beer into the open mouths of a crowd of customers, calling for a keen eye and sharp reactions as they attempt to quench thirsts as quickly as possible and make sure no one is left wanting. Presumably your aim gets worse as you keep playing...

Promising intuitive controls, a comical theme and authentic Bavarian beer festival sounds and music, Beershooter will be available from major network operators and mobile games portals from June 13th.

Pushing forward with its long-term expansion plans in the mobile arena, UK publisher Alten8 has signed another world exclusive distribution deal with mobile developers Corelane to bring high speed racer Xtreme Ignition to market.

A futuristic racer with texture-mapped 3D graphics and real-time weather effects, the game features two different modes of play, a vast selection of different upgradeable vehicles, weapons and an array of hostile racing environments with intelligent opponents.

Xtreme ignition is scheduled for release this summer, through Alten8's network of worldwide distribution partners.

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