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Win a car in Forza

A real one! (Well, a Fiat.)

Microsoft has announced a cunning competition to give away a real car to somebody who's good enough at Forza Motorsport to make everyone else PAY BIG. What's more, the compo's got a snappy name that can be used to rewrite a popular saying. As in: two's company, three's a crowd... Forza Challenge! [And a P42 is on its way to you. - Ed]

Log on to www.forzachallenge.com and register your Xbox Live gamertag, and your progress on the challenge track will be monitored. The idea is to get the best possible time on the Silverstone II (Silverstone Short Circuit) Time Trial track before 3am on 12th September using only the TVR Tuscan R. The top four players will then be invited to Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street in London to compete against one another for a bundle of prizes. In the game. it's not like pugilism or anything.

First place gets a Fiat Xbox Stilo worth £11,995, which isn't exactly bad going, while second place gets a 23" LCD HDTV-ready screen, and third gets a bundle of Xbox Live games. Everyone who makes it that far will also take home a free year's subscription to Xbox Live. So, basically, the guy to beat is the one who doesn't bother driving to get there. Good luck!

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