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New Buzz! game spotted

Buzz! Quiz World has tequila!

A new Buzz! game has popped up on the internet.

It's called Buzz! Quiz Player, and it's for the PlayStation 3, according to a listing on the website of ratings board ESRB.

"This is a trivia game in which players compete to answer questions on a variety of topics, including sports, TV shows, movies, and music," says the ESRB.

"Players can choose a character (e.g., cheerleader, super hero) and a sound effect that will be heard when attempting to answer questions.

"One sound choice sounds like a belch, and another is called tequila."

Brighton-based developer Relentless Software told Eurogamer it couldn't confirm or deny the existence of the game.

The last Buzz! game was Quiz World, released last year.

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BUZZ! Quiz Player


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