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New Age of Wonders 3 expansion and Mac/Linux ports dated

Eternal Lords introduces the Necromancer next month.

Dutch developer Triumph has announced a second major expansion for fantasy strategy game Age of Wonders 3, called Eternal Lords.

It's due 14th April alongside the awaited Linux and Mac ports of the original game. It also marks a year of continued development since AOW3 launched.

Eternal Lords brings a new Necromancer class to the table, with spooky undead units such as the Bone Collector, who uses corpses to strengthen itself, and the Banshee who presumably screams a lot. When Necromancers conquer settlements they become cities of the dead.

There are new leader specialisations in the Keeper, Grey Guard and Shadow Born, and apparently you can summon angels. There are two new races, Tigran and Frostling, which are a lot like they sound. Tigrans can morph into Dire Panthers.

Race Governance is introduced to manage relations with specific races which, when they improve to a certain degree, unlock perks for your army. The Unifier victory condition ties into this, rewarding you for building a set number of Unity Beacons, one for each race you, um, max out.

There's a new story campaign on top of that, new unpredictable Cosmic Happenings - Falling Clouds, March of the Troll King - that suddenly shake things up, and new map areas and items and scenarios and all that guff.

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