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Home decoration in action in Garriott's Shroud of the Avatar

I can't drape it anymore.

The best bit of Ultima Online? Working your way to owning a castle and filling it with riches for the world to see. Actually, no, it was figuring a way to sneak into someone else's estate and then stripping it bare.

No surprise then that Richard Garriott's new RPG, an Ultima successor called Shroud of the Avatar, is going big on home ownership and customisation. And a new 'home decoration system' video released at the weekend shows the sort interior tinkering possible.

It involves a male avatar pacing around his Knight's House abode and picking up objects with the click of a mouse and dumping them elsewhere, or on top of other objects, all rather easily.

The objects vary from books to barrels and from guillotines to alchemy tables, all of which appear to be easily transported in your magical backpack.

The video also offers a glimpse at how Shroud is shaping up visually, which is nicely. It won't knock your socks off but it's clean and suitably medieval, and there's still plenty of time - roughly a year - for embelishment.

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