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Hitman Triple Pack revealed

Murderous trio for PC, PS2.

Eidos entered into the killing spirit this morning by unveiling a new compilation of the three most recent Hitman games. This Triple Pack of murder will be available for PC and PS2 on Friday.

Keen shoppers amongst you will note that Play offers a considerable saving on the PS2 version at just GBP 17.99 (retail price of GBP 29.99), and a fiver off the PC offering at GBP 14.99. Those of you with a detective streak will also note Play is standing behind us with great big knife.

The Hitman series - in case you've been stuffed in a car trunk for a few years - revolves around the enigmatic assassin Agent 47. You fill his chameleon shoes and attempt to off various faces for increasingly large figures. The tidier and less detectable you are, the better your rewards.

The first in the Triple Pack is Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, which revolves around a ring of deception with a Russian crime boss in the middle. You fight not only for money, but to stay alive. It relied a little too heavily on sniper range over close-combat alternatives, but was another solid effort from developer IO Interactive. Could do better, said we.

And Hitman: Contracts did, but only marginally. The story this time back-filled Agent 47's career, detailing battles with great adversaries responsible for making him so tough. Again, It was good, but still a little confused about what kind of experience it wanted to present - often falling back on trial and error approaches. Nearly there, we said.

Back to the present day and the most recent outing, Hitman: Blood Money. Here the arrival of an enemy agency turns the war directly in your nondescript face, beginning a dirty and bloody battle. Facing this adventure using an assassin's mind earns you the best experience, but it was still a little easy to mar the picture by resorting to first-person shooter tactics. Still, best yet, said we.

Sounds like a solid purchase in our books.

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