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Harvest Moon twins with a real farm

A good moooove?

The cutesy farming series Harvest Moon has twinned with an actual real life farm. Surrey Docks Farm.

Twinnings are usually reserved for obscure country towns linked to other towns abroad - usually French towns round these parts. Apparently this is the first time a virtual environment has been twinned with anything.

"There's clearly a connection between Surrey Docks Farm and the Harvest Moon series so we thought we'd make it official," said farm manager Gary Jones, who pigs his words carefully.

"We got along really well with the team and were very impressed with the Harvest Moon games. Since then we've stayed in touch and we'll be looking to work together on future titles.

"It's brilliant that we're merging real life farming with virtual farming," clucked Rising Star Games' Martin Defries. "We had a great experience working with the wonderful people at Surrey Docks Farm and we'll now be permanently connected with them through our twinning."

Where the relationship goats from here wasn't mentioned.

The announcement comes, coincidentally, on the day DS games Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar and Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon are released.

Eurogamer's Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar review awarded 6/10.

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