Worms Battlegrounds

VideoVideo: Video games: What's the point?

Get to the point already.

What's the point of pointing in video games? Is it pointless or is it on point? In this video, I take a look at some of the surprisingly large number of games that feature pointing as a special power or special move. Honestly, there's loads. It's weird.

Games with Gold announces December freebies

Games with Gold announces December freebies

Worms Battlegrounds! The Raven! SSX!

Microsoft has revealed its Games With Gold offerings for December, in which Xbox Live Gold subscribers get free games for a month.

During all of December, Xbox One Gold subscribers will be able to download Worms Battlegrounds.

Likewise, Xbox 360 users can snag point-and-click 60s caper The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief from 1st December until the 15th. Beginning on 16th December, it will be replaced with SSX through the end of the month.

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