WipEout 2048 News

From the ashes of WipEout dev Studio Liverpool rises Firesprite

Made visuals for The PlayRoom - and it would love to make a new WipEout.

Sleeping Dogs and more for PlayStation Plus in February

Vita owners get WipEout 2048 and Lumines.

WipEout online play will continue "while we wait for news"

WipEout 2048 Facebook page isn't a picture of conviction.

Sony closes WipEout developer Sony Liverpool

Sony will try to relocate those affected to other studios, "but unfortunately some redundancies will be necessary".

Next generation's big challenge will be connectivity says WipEout creators

Plus! Will 2048's tracks make their way to the PS3?

WipEout 2048 dev promises free and paid for DLC

Expect "new features and new ways to play".

Sony: 3G gives Vita "immediacy"

"A lot of people want to have a system that's always on."

PlayStation Vita games: where's cheapest?

Eurogamer investigates the best prices for Vita's launch line-up.

Sony: PS Vita 3G "our investment in the future"

Hopes you'll invest your money, too.

Vodafone typo messes up Vita WipEout top-up offer advertisement

Says top-up 15 for free WipEout. Should say top-up 5.

Sony details "one price" Vita/PS3 cross-play content

MotorStorm! Hustle Kings! WipEout! UMVC3!

Vodafone 3G Vita offers free WipEout and 4GB memory

"You'll have our dependable network on your side."

Sony's PlayStation Vita EU launch line-up

Uncharted, new MotorStorm, WipEout headline.

Vodafone is Sony's "preferred partner" for 3G Vita in UK

UPDATE: 3G connectivity is not locked to Vodafone.

Sony details PS Vita's online modes

Near, Party, LiveArea and Activity.

Sony: "No clear competitor to NGP"

Nintendo 3DS an "updated DS".

wipEout 2048 revealed

NGP racer features cross-platform play.

Tretton on PSP2 NGP: Games are critical

"2011 will be one of our biggest years yet."

PSP2 games: the NGP line-up

Uncharted! Killzone! WipEout! Resistance!