Wii Sports News

Wii Sports Club launching Baseball, Boxing on 27th June

Whole collection available on disc 11th July.

Wii production to end soon in Japan

"We have made no specific announcements for Europe."

Wii Sports Club is Wii Sports mini-games in HD for Wii U

Download tennis, bowling etc from eShop for £9 each.

Wii redesign European release date

Reconfigured console coming November.

New Wii same size as current model

Only difference is cut Cube support.

Nintendo discontinuing current Wii

New model to become sole focus.

New-look Wii out for Christmas

Streamlined design with games.

UK Wii price drops below £100

Do you still want one?

Wii price cut, budget games confirmed

£130/$150 console, £20/$20 titles.

Broadmoor patients get given Wiis

Yorkshire Ripper likes to bowl, says The Sun.

Wii Sports Resort nearing 7m sold

While Wii Sports has done over 50m.

UK Wii bundle instead of price cut

Wii Sports, WSR, WMP and console.

Four Nintendo million-sellers in FYQ3

Compared to six in same period last time.

Wii Sports sells 45 million copies

Dethrones Mario Bros as biggest ever.

Wii takes centre stage at Oscars

Jon Stewart has a go at the tennis.

Daily Mail concerned about Wiis in P.E.

Schools trial alluring concept.

Wii soars past 5 million in Japan

Play and Sports with 2m apiece.

Wii repairing brain damage

UK charity says so.

Wii Sports 2 not inevitable

Iwata not keen on "easy" option.

First Wii fitness classes

Glaswegian leads pack.

Wii Sports boxed in Europe

Pack-in game gets its own case.