UFC 2009 Undisputed News

EA Sports MMA 2 sunk by Strikeforce sale?

UFC owner snaps up rival league.

The future of EA Sport's fledgling MMA franchise looks bleak after the UFC brand snapped up rival operator Strikeforce, upon which the publisher's 2010 brawler was based.

THQ may scrap annual UFC policy

After disappointing sales of 2010 game.

THQ may axe its policy of releasing a UFC game every year after the last game in the mixed martial arts simulation series sold fewer copies than expected.

THQ pins money-hopes on WWE

Reports thin sales for thin quarter.

THQ has posted depleted sales for the quarter ending 30th September, but has reassured investors with promises of imminent money-winners - particularly WWE SmackDown vs Raw - in the future.

THQ: Natal to launch late next year

THQ: Natal to launch late next year

Plus: UFC to expand onto handhelds.

THQ boss Brian Farrell has said he expects Project Natal to be released "late next year".

His statement was made during a financial earnings call (via Kotaku).

Farrell went on to say that he expects "a price cut would be in order by at least two of the three manufacturers" in the future. When pressed, he added that a PS3 snip in the range of $100 "wouldn't surprise us".

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Moore hits back at UFC copycat calls

MMA will bring "innovation, authenticity".

EA Sports boss Peter Moore has brushed off UFC copycat allegations by explaining that Mixed Martial Arts has been in development for at least two years already.

UFC is "at war" with Electronic Arts

"EA told us, 'You're not a real sport.'"

The president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship has declared the organisation is "at war" with Electronic Arts - but says they started it.

THQ tackling UFC 2009 cheaters

Multiplayer patch coming soon.

THQ is working on a patch to stop people cheating by disconnecting from UFC 2009 Undisputed online bouts when they are about to lose.

UFC stars dumped for refusing THQ

Wouldn't sign away likeness rights.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has dumped some of its most promising stars for refusing to sign lifelong image-replication deals for the THQ series of official videogames.

THQ reveals UFC 2009: Undisputed details

THQ reveals UFC 2009: Undisputed details

MMA fighter already in training.

Those of you who like a bit of ultimate fighting will be pleased to hear that THQ has announced a new UFC game.

Ultimate Fighting Championship 2009: Undisputed is the latest in series of games based around the leading mixed martial arts competition.

The latest one will feature more than 80 of the sport's top fighters as well as popular commentators, referees and of course 'octagon girls'. Photo-realism has been bandied about with regard to the graphics - watch the trailer to see for yourself.

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THQ unveils Legends of Wrestlemania

THQ unveils Legends of Wrestlemania

Plus new UFC game due in spring.

THQ has torn the Spandex pants off a fresh WWE game only for PS3 and Xbox 360.

It's called Legends of Wrestlemania and will launch alongside the annual sporting entertainment event in March 2009.

The best bit is that it lets you play as all the old heroes from the golden era of wrestling, and so will appeal to people like us who, would you believe, don't actually watch wrestling any more.

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