Shelter 2

VideoVideo: What games taught me about parenting

Please don't call social services.

I'm engaged to be married (hooray!) which, if social convention is anything to go by, means my fiancée and I are probably due a conversation about having kids at some point. God I hope she never reads this.

Shelter 2 delayed (again) until March

UPDATE: A console port is a possibility, but it will take "some time."

UPDATE 10/02/2015 5.09pm: Shelter developer Might & Delight confirmed to Eurogamer that it's looking into bringing the survival series to consoles, but it could be a while before that happens - if it happens at all.

Animal survival game Shelter 2 reveals first gameplay

Take two minutes to watch this footage from Shelter 2, an arty animal survival game from indie sudio Might and Delight.

Due for release in February 2015 on Steam, GOG and other digital retailers, Shelter 2 stars a lone lynx mother as she tries to raise a set of cubs.

The footage shows you prowling through the game's patchwork open world in all seasons and weathers, hunting and gathering, sometimes accompanied by your brood of offspring.

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Shelter 2 announced

Shelter 2 announced

This time you play a mother lynx in an open world.

Might and Delight has announced it's working on Shelter 2, the follow-up to last year's abstract badger survival game.

In Shelter 2 you play a lone lynx mother in an open world. The game will be released on Steam, GOG and other digital platforms in autumn 2014.

"The essence of Shelter as a concept is keeping your family alive," Might and Delight boss Anders Westin said.

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