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PlayTV crashing PS3s

UPDATE: New update appears to have fixed the problem.

UPDATE: Sony has released a new update for PlayTV that appears to have fixed the crashing problems reported by Eurogamer in April.

PlayTV patch to cost

PlayTV patch to cost "reasonable" amount

Even PSN+ subscribers must fork out.

That "major update" to PlayTV that Sony's promised since April: well, it's going to cost you - even if you subscribe to PlayStation Plus.

"The guys at Cambridge put a great deal of effort into this update and, unlike the previous free updates, we will be charging a reasonable amount for the new features," James Thorpe, PSN product manager, wrote on the European PlayStation blog.

"[PlayStation] Plus members are very important to us and we are looking into providing you guys extra value for PlayTV. Will keep you posted on this.

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PlayTV update adds SD upscaler

PlayTV update adds SD upscaler

Plus straight-to-TV button on XMB.

Sony has released a free update for PlayTV that introduces an SD upscaler among other new features.

Perhaps most exciting (relatively speaking) is the new ability to go directly to watching TV from the XMB, rather than having to click through menus.

Producer Mark Bunting announced the new features in a Three Speech video blog, adding that there are also new fast-forward and rewind speeds, and new volume controls.

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FIFA and PlayTV demos in PSN update

FIFA and PlayTV demos in PSN update

Plus 1942: Joint Strike, GH3 album, more.

Sony has updated the PlayStation Store with all sorts of exciting new content. Hahahaha. No, but seriously, there's a few new bits and pieces including the long overdue 1942: Joint Strike (GBP 6.99) and a demo of the same.

There's also the FIFA 09 demo we told you about yesterday, an Elefunk demo, a PlayTV demo that uses pre-recorded content to showcase how Sony's new PVR thingy works, and PAIN Amusement Park (GBP 3.49), which gives fans of the physics-based slapstick-'em-up a new environment to violently explore.

Also on the downloadable content front, there's a new Rock Band section featuring album, tracks and track pack areas. The Cars, Judas Priest (both GBP 7.49) and The Who (GBP 9.99) have albums there, while there are too many tracks and track packs to list, but they range from GBP 0.99 for a single song to GBP 4.99 for six-track bundles.

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PlayTV dated, will record TV while gaming

The code was in the 2.41 firmware.

SCEE president David Reeves has told Eurogamer that PlayTV will launch roll out in Europe "from September to December" starting with a UK date of 10th September.

PlayTV to launch this September

David Reeves has announced that PlayTV will launch in September, priced at EUR 99 (equivalent to around GBP 80).

For that you'll get a little black box that will allow you to record TV shows on the PS3's hard disk and watch another TV channel at the same time. Each programme you store can be exported to the XMB and stored there with other videos.

You can also watch content using Remote Play, according to Reeves. But will you be able to play a game on your PS3 at the same time as it's recording telly? The Sony boss didn't say.

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Sony PlayTV delayed?

Another PAL region quoting Q4.

Sony in Australia has told Gizmodo that PlayTV - the PS3's USB TV tuner and video-recording add-on - will launch there in Q4 2008.

Sony dismisses PlayTV price/date report

Did not confirm details to HMV.

Sony has firmly distanced itself from a listing on that puts the price and release date of PlayTV at GBP 99.99 (about EUR 130) on 28th March.

Do anything with PlayTV recordings

As long as it's legal, says Sony.

It will be possible to export TV recordings made with PS3's forthcoming digital TV receiver in a standard file format and store them anywhere you like, Sony explained today.

Euro PSP gets firmware update

Euro PSP gets firmware update

PS3 version 2.00 around corner?

Sony has whipped out its wrench and updated the European PSP firmware to version 3.72.

It should stop things going wrong when you are playing downloadable PSone games on your handheld, and it also adds support for the new remote start feature, which lets you turn on your PS3 using your PSP rather than fingers on your hand.

This, clever-clogses among you will realise, is a feature you will need PS3 firmware version 2.00 to use, suggesting that it is not too far away at all.

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GC: Sony has no plans to cut PS3 price - Reeves

Explains lack of new PS3 titles.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has no plans to cut the price of PlayStation 3 according to president David Reeves, but the company will introduce new bundles with different games to help drive sales.

GC: PlayTV unveiled for PS3

Watch, record what you like.

Sony has taken the wraps off a new television tuner and personal video recorder for PS3 in its Games Convention 2007 press conference.