PlayTV News

PlayTV crashing PS3s

UPDATE: New update appears to have fixed the problem.

PlayTV patch to cost "reasonable" amount

Even PSN+ subscribers must fork out.

PlayTV getting Facebook features in 2010

"Major update" due before end of year.

PlayTV gets better standard-def upscaling

Plus DVB-T HD support in some countries.

PlayTV update adds SD upscaler

Plus straight-to-TV button on XMB.

FIFA and PlayTV demos in PSN update

Plus 1942: Joint Strike, GH3 album, more.

PlayTV saved files no longer transferable

Sony: HD signals not recordable at launch.

Sony clarifies PlayTV date, price

Bit later, bit cheaper than expected.

PlayTV dated, will record TV while gaming

The code was in the 2.41 firmware.

Sony PlayTV delayed?

Another PAL region quoting Q4.

Sony coy on PlayTV date, price

Amazon listing a phoney?

Sony dismisses PlayTV price/date report

Did not confirm details to HMV.

Do anything with PlayTV recordings

As long as it's legal, says Sony.

Euro PSP gets firmware update

PS3 version 2.00 around corner?

GC: PlayTV unveiled for PS3

Watch, record what you like.