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Puzzle-platformer Pid yours for 0.

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Pid review

Pid review

Rad gravity.

In amongst its other charms, Pid does a very nice job with collectables. Might and Delight's debut release is a puzzle-platformer, and each of its levels are filled with cute little stars, chained together to form dinky constellations. The itch to run up and grab them all is practically overpowering - and when you catch one, you'll discover that something lovely happens. You'll discover that the other stars it was connected to are tugged lazily towards you, pulling themselves out of alignment and moving within reach.

Smooth and strangely tactile, it's just one element in a surprisingly large game. But it's also suggestive of the energy with which the whole project has been put together. Pid's not a slam-dunk by any means, but it contains fleeting moments of greatness and it marks its designers out as a team to watch in the future.

Might and Delight's lineage isn't bad, with many of the core personnel having worked on 2008's downloadable reimagining of Bionic Commando. Bionic Commando Rearmed was a devilishly tricky platformer fuelled by some interesting ideas, and much the same could be said of Pid. The tone may be very different - the military bustle of Capcom's game replaced with a storybook tale of faraway planets and strange alien landscapes - but there's the same focus on clever systems that blend traversal, combat and puzzling. There's also the same steep and often treacherous difficulty curve.

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Pid floats to XBLA and Steam on Halloween

PSN version due later this year.

Beautiful gravity-bending otherworldly 2D platformer Pid is set for release on XBLA and Steam this Halloween for 800 Microsoft Points / $9.99. A PSN version will follow sometime later this year.

Stylish platformer Pid shows off co-op in a new trailer

Surreal gravity-manipulating platformer Pid has shown off its co-op mode in a new trailer.

Developed by Might and Delight - a studio consisting of many ex-Grin staff who worked on Bionic Commando: Rearmed - Pid is about a young boy named Kurt stranded on an alien planet. Luckily, he has a gravity gun of sorts that can create anti-gravity wells to boost himself around the environment.

In the newly revealed two-player mode, players assume the roles of Kurt and Audrey as they must work together and only have one beam each.

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Stylish indie platformer Pid confirmed for XBLA

Stylish indie platformer Pid confirmed for XBLA

Former Grin developers team up with D3 for 2012 release.

Pid, the delightful-looking 2D platformer currently being pieced together by a group of from Grin employees, arrives on Xbox Live Arcade later this year, new publishing partner D3 has announced.

Back in May it was reported that developer Might and Delight was looking to "rent" an XBLA release slot from a publisher who didn't need it, in return for a share of any profits.

It's now been confirmed that Japanese outfit D3, whose past releases include Earth Defense Force 2017 and Puzzle Quest, is that publisher.

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Arty platformer Pid announced for PC, consoles

Arty platformer Pid announced for PC, consoles

Scandinavian jumper channels Limbo, Portal 2.

Another stylish indie 2D platformer to add to your list: Pid, the debut effort from Swedish studio Might and Delight.

Due for digital release some time in 2012 "for several platforms, including gaming consoles and PC", it's a 2D sidescroller that sees you stranded on a mysterious planet. According to the announcement, your journey home will feature "gravity-bending action, intricate puzzle-solving and classic precision platform action."

The game offers a co-op mode should you wish to bring a friend along for the ride.

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