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In the early weeks of its life, the PS3 was Super Stardust HD. That's how I remember it anyway. And when the PS4 came around, it turned out that the PS4 was Resogun. The news today that low sales have forced Housemarque, who made both these games, to declare that 'Arcade is dead' lends all of these memories a bittersweet tinge. And yet - and I mean this as the highest compliment I can come up with - it's hard to have too many emotions around games like Super Stardust and Resogun, other than panic and excitement - extreme, panoramic excitement. Bittersweet melancholy doesn't stick about for long.

Digital FoundryNex Machina's high-tech twin-stick magic tested on PC

Digital Foundry checks out the evolved Resogun engine operating at full 4K.

A collaboration between arcade genius Eugene Jarvis and developer Housemarque, Nex Machina takes the voxel-based technology pioneered in the brilliant Resogun and significantly enhances it to deliver an action-packed experience filled with destruction. Backing away from the 30fps approach taken in its prior twin-stick shooter, Alienation, Nex Machina doubles down on 60Hz, taking Resogun's technology to the next level. It's looking great, something we can comfortably say having spent the last few days playing a beta version of the PC version.

FeatureThe 50 most exciting games of 2017

50 games! Good ones, too!

Video games, 'ey? They're alright, and we're willing to wager that there will be quite a few of them in 2017. Some of them might even be quite good! The next 12 months will be dominated by new hardware such as Microsoft's Scorpio and Nintendo's Switch, but as ever it's the games that really matter, and here's a list of the 50 we're most excited about.

Feature'The bug isn't good enough'

How an arcade legend returned to the genre he invented.

Eugene Jarvis is talking a mile a minute, standing on the show floor at the PlayStation Experience in the unnatural and on-brand blue light within Anaheim's Convention Centre while overlooking his first foray into arcade shooters in well over 20 years, Housemarque's Nex Machina. He's already been talking for 30 minutes before I remember to hit the record button on my dictaphone, our animated chat about Donald Cammell's twisted sci-fi horror film Demon Seed while Jarvis waxed lyrical over the film's shape-shifting robo-cock lost to the ether.