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Mario Tennis Open Review

I hope you weren't holding your breath. Save for the New Play Control Wii remix of GameCube's Mario Power Tennis in 2009, we've been left hanging on for a proper update to the series since 2005's Mario Tennis: Power Tour on Game Boy Advance. Quite why this solidly successful formula skipped the entirety of the DS generation has been something of a mystery - at least, it was until I'd spent several days thwacking my way across the courts of the series' 3DS debut.

Mario Tennis Open is as mechanically robust and colourfully compelling as you'd expect from Camelot, Nintendo's unfailingly reliable doubles partner. But where could it all go after GameCube? As undeniably enjoyable as 2012's take is, the studio still seems to be searching for a clear answer.

The game offers hyperactive arcade action over sober simulation, perfectly observing the fundamentals of the sport while sexing it all up (in Uncle Nintendo's wholesome way) with special moves that cause balls to explode away at ridiculous angles.

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Mario Tennis Open 3DS gameplay details revealed

Mario Tennis Open will you to customise players' appearances with stat-boosting gear, Nintendo has announced. The system sounds similar to the customisable car parts collected in Mario Kart 3DS.

Nintendo has confirmed you'll be able to climb into a Bullet Bill outfit (we'd expect it gives you extra speed) or slip into Princess Peach's tennis shoes (just because they're rather comfy, actually).

This latest incarnation of the Mario Tennis series is developed by long-time Mario Golf and Mario Tennis studio Camelot. The game can be controlled via touch-screen or button-based controls. Using the 3DS' built-in gyro controls is also an option.

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Fire Emblem 3DS confirmed for UK 2012 launch

Fire Emblem 3DS confirmed for UK 2012 launch

Mario Tennis Open coming 25th May.

Fire Emblem: Awakening will launch in the UK this year on 3DS, Nintendo has confirmed.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed the good news in a presentation full of 3DS soundbites, including a new name and release date for Mario Tennis Open. It arrives for 3DS in Europe on 25th May.

Fire Emblem DLC available post-launch will expand the game via fresh maps and story episodes. It comes free, in Japan at least, for a limited time.

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