Madden NFL 15

EA is removing Ray Rice from Madden 15 following NFL suspension

After the running back punched his wife in the face.

Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is being removed from Madden 15, just as he was recently booted from the Ravens and suspended from the NFL indefinitely following the release of a video of him punching his wife in the face at an Atlantic City casino.

Madden NFL 15 review

Madden NFL 15 review

Far from the Manning crowd.

Madden NFL 15's intro is a sight to behold. Presented with that particular tone of intense, hackneyed masculinity that's fallen out of fashion outside the sport of American football, the sequence works as an accurate barometer for your satisfaction of what's to come. Enjoy it and you'll love Madden 15; despise it and this is not for you.

The reason for that stark differentiation comes down to what Madden has, once again, chosen to focus on. As with previous games in the series, there's an incredible emphasis on speed, creating a playing experience that only partially replicates what you see from the NFL on Sundays.

All the big plays and the boisterous excitement they bring are here - and are a joy to execute. In the game's dedication to getting you to those primetime moments, however, much of the subtlety of this complex team sport tends to get lost in the pomp.

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Why Madden 15 is allowed to portray an athlete's tattoos

And why the series couldn't before.

Today EA released its first image of Madden NFL 15 portraying San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. At a glance, it might not look unusual, but astute fans of the series picked up on one not insignificant detail: the star athlete's tattoos are represented in-game. On its own, this might not sound very interesting, but it is when one considers that in previous entries none of the athletes ever had their skin art portrayed on their likeness. Here's why:

Madden NFL 15 touches down in August

Trailer unveils creepy, uncanny rendering of Carolina Panthers' Luke Kuechly.

Popular American football series Madden NFL is bringing its latest installment to Europe on 29th August, EA has announced.