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Ankama dates Dofus 2.0 launch

Ankama dates Dofus 2.0 launch

Cartoon MMO transforms in December.

Ankama Games has announced a 2nd December release for Dofus 2.0, which effectively relaunches the 25-million-strong cartoon MMO.

This update will be the most important in the free-to-play game's history, rewriting the graphics engine as well as the server and client code. The result should be more a more detailed and much more responsive experience.

Following the patch, Ankama plans to roll Dofus 2.0 out worldwide next year.

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Islands of Wakfu for XBLA in 09

Two-player adventure from makers of Dofus.

Ankama Games, the French studio which created the remarkably successful and weird strategy-MMO Dofus, is working on its first console game for Xbox Live Arcade.

Dofus opens new Heroic server

Enjoy permanent death, from today.

Everyone's favourite isometric, anime-style, environmentally-conscious, hippy, French, massively multiplayer strategy-RPG - Dofus - is launching a new Heroic server with a new rule-set today.

Dofus hits UK milestone

100,000 users in one month.

Ankama Games has announced that more than 100,000 of you have logged in to the dedicated UK version of Dofus in just one month.

DOFUS launches in UK

DOFUS launches in UK

With dedicated storyline, servers.

Ankama Games released a new version of its cartoon-inspired MMO in the UK yesterday, specifically focused on our rainy region.

It includes a new update system that lets us islanders enjoy a brand new, exclusive storyline told in a series of regular episodic releases. Plus there's also a new tutorial area called Incarnam, which will allow you to evolve much faster than usual by meeting appropriate beasties until you reach level 15.

To begin with there will only be the enormous village (sounds more like a city) of Astrub and several outlying dungeons to explore, but Ankama plans to add the full plethora of options if the UK community flourishes, which would mean new zones, dungeons, functionalities, pets and classes.

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Ankama's new MMO preaches freedom

No NPCs, no shackles, no limits.

Ankama Games believes gamers are tired of being unable to affect change and evolve the environments they play in - something it hopes to change in its freshly unveiled title, Wakfu.