Binary Domain


VideoBinary Domain - first 15 minutes

Eurogamer boots up Sega's tactical shooter.

Binary Domain Review

Robots in disguise.

VideoBinary Domain cinematic trailer visits the slums

Dan and Big Bo’ explore Sega's futuristic shooter.

VideoBinary Domain cinematic trailer shoots off

Sega third-person shooter due 24th February.

Key events

Sony details May PlayStation Plus content

Awesomenauts and Max Payne for free, Binary Domain discounted.

Binary Domain gets PC release

Yakuza team's sci-fi effort out next month.

VideoBinary Domain - first 15 minutes

Eurogamer boots up Sega's tactical shooter.

Binary Domain Review

Robots in disguise.

Japan chart: Strong debuts for Binary Domain, Theatrhythm

Vita slump continues, 3DS games dominate top 20.

VideoBinary Domain cinematic trailer visits the slums

Dan and Big Bo’ explore Sega's futuristic shooter.

Huge range of PlayStation 2 Classics storm European PlayStation store

Mass Effect 3 and Binary Domain demos also land today.

VideoBinary Domain cinematic trailer shoots off

Sega third-person shooter due 24th February.

VideoBinary Domain trailer announces new release date

Slips back one week until 24th February.

VideoBinary Domain story and setting video

Sega's futuristic shooter.

Sega sets Binary Domain release date

Yakuza dev's latest out in February.

Sega goes big at Eurogamer Expo

Sonic! Binary Domain! Anarchy Reigns!

Binary Domain release date Feb 2012

Updated with official Sega comment.

VideoLatest Binary Domain trailer logs in

Yakuza creator's new squad shooter.

VideoSEGA shows Binary Domain gameplay

Yakuza dev's latest due early 2012.

VideoYakuza dev announces Binary Domain

Nagoshi making sci-fi shooter for PS3, 360.

SEGA reveal first Binary Domain shots

Robots and guns in futuristic Japan setting.

Yakuza dev announces Binary Domain

Science fiction shooter.