Battlefield 3: Close Quarters


VideoBattlefield 3: Close Quarters launch trailer

Out today on PlayStation 3; PC and Xbox next week.

VideoBattlefield 3: Close Quarters trailer explodes

Expansion's destructible environments destructed.

VideoBattlefield 3: Close Quarters footage

DICE shows more of upcoming expansion.

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DICE: People worried about Battlefield 4 announcement "for all the wrong reasons"

DICE: People worried about Battlefield 4 announcement "for all the wrong reasons"

"We are better than ever when it comes to supporting our game."

DICE reckons fans are worried about the recent Battlefield 4 announcement "for all the wrong reasons".

Last month EA quietly announced Battlefield 4 with confirmation that you'll be able to play its beta by pre-ordering Medal of Honor: Warfighter, out this year.

With the BF4 beta scheduled for autumn 2013, the game is expected to launch October/November 2013. Some Battlefield fans complained that it will be released too soon after the release of Battlefield 3 (which launched six years after Battlefield 2) and that the announcement suggests the end for Battlefield 3 support.

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Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Review

Battlefield didn't bother to hide its debt to Modern Warfare when the shooter titans' Part 3s clashed last autumn. In came a single-player campaign full of bombastic set-pieces and a suite of half-baked co-op challenges, sitting awkwardly alongside the epic combat scenarios that long-serving fans expected.

Modern Warfare won that initial skirmish fairly conclusively in terms of sales, so now the battle has shifted. It's no longer about grabbing territory but holding the middle - winning over those free-floating mercenary players who have yet to commit to either side. In its efforts to woo this fickle crowd, Battlefield developer DICE has gone even further than before in cribbing from the Call of Duty playbook.

Call of Duty has Elite, offering pre-payment for all downloadable content plus a raft of bonus stuff - and now Battlefield has Premium, which does exactly the same albeit without the same depth of community features. Call of Duty has tight maps and fast-paced, headshot-fuelled gameplay - and now so does Battlefield, with the selection of four claustrophobic interior maps, 10 close-range weapons and a sprinkling of new game modes in this Close Quarters add-on.

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EA publishes, pulls Battlefield 3 Premium trailer

EA publishes, pulls Battlefield 3 Premium trailer

UPDATE: DICE confirms five hour Battlelog downtime today.

UPDATE: Battlefield developer DICE has confirmed Battlelog will be down for maintenance today for five hours as it prepares for the launch of Battlefield 3 Premium and the Close Quarters expansion.

The downtime is as follows:

7- 12 PDT.

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Sony reveals Battlefield 3 Premium release date, price

Sony reveals Battlefield 3 Premium release date, price

Out next week alongside Close Quarters DLC.

Battlefield 3 Premium launches on Monday 4th June for 39.99 / €49.99 / AU$79.95, according to Sony.

The PlayStation 3 maker listed the heavily rumoured package in its European PlayStation Store update today (since removed). It is yet to be confirmed by EA.

According to the update Battlefield Premium launches alongside the Battlefield 3 Close Quarters DLC expansion, which goes live on Monday 4th June for 11.99 / €14.99 / AU$23.95.

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FeatureBattlefield 3: the state of play

Is BF3 now finally the game it should have been at launch? DICE discusses.

With the release of the latest, gargantuan patch, some fans believe Battlefield 3 is now the game that should have launched in October 2011. Now, they believe, half a year after EA unleashed the shooter upon the gaming public, Battlefield 3's promise has finally been realised.

DICE explains why new Battlefield 3 DLC has taken so long

Team needed to recover from crunch, didn't want to rush.

The delay in releasing new DLC for Battlefield 3 is due to the team needing to recharge its batteries following the grueling run-in to launching the main game, according to a member of the development team.

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Preview: An All-Encompassing Expansion

When DICE announced at its recent Battlefield/Medal of Honor event that its upcoming pack of DLC, Close Quarters, would focus on tight, indoor firefights, reactions were understandably divisive. "If you're going to focus on an indoor shooter, you might as well play Call of Duty," said one voice in the room. "This is great. The worst part about Battlefield 3 is that it took too long to find anybody because the maps were so goddamn large," said another. "A part of me died when I saw that Medal of Honor trailer," said another yet.

While there's no accounting for taste, DICE is doing its darnedest to try by releasing themed DLC packs catered to fans with divergent play styles. While Close Quarters will focus on cramped infantry-focused indoor affairs, the following DLC, Armored Kill, promises to have the largest terrain of any Battlefield to date with loads of vehicles and epic scale wars. There will be a third pack too, Endgame, but DICE remains cagey on the details there.

"We want to widen the spectrum of how we play these games. It comes back to the idea of having choice as a player," DICE general manager, Karl-Magnus Troedsson explained. It's a smart move, and a decidedly honest model that ensures players will only have to pay for the type of experience they want, without having to fork over extra dough to collect their favourite maps spread haphazardly across several nondescript map packs.

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Battlefield 3: Close Quarters out in June, first of three add-ons

Consoles to get dedicated servers via rent-a-server programme.

Battlefield 3 is to get three themed downloadable expansions, starting in June. Like first add-on Back to Karkand, they will offer new weapons and in some cases vehicles to be used across the entire game, as well as new multiplayer maps.