Arcania - Gothic 4


Arcania: Gothic 4

Drugdeons and laggards.

VideoArcaniA: Gothic 4 CGI and gameplay

German fantasy RPG for October.

VideoGothic 4: Arcania coming to PC and consoles

Fantasy series hitting 360/PS3 for the first time.

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Why Gothic dev Piranha dumped JoWooD

And what happens next for the Gothic IP.

Gothic 3 scored only 8/10 because developer JoWooD "forced" the game's release when it was "not ready", developer Piranha Bytes has revealed to Eurogamer.

Dodgy legality halts Gothic 4 expansion

Dodgy legality halts Gothic 4 expansion

ArcaniA: Fall of Setarrif not out on Friday.

Nearly bankrupt Austrian publisher JoWooD has had to "indefinitely" delay the release of AcaniA: Gothic 4 expansion Fall of Setarrif because of the add-on's "unclear" legal background.

A confusing statement pointed to "diverse legal positions" with German investor BVT, which once funded Obsidian-developed RPG sequel Neverwinter Nights 2.

JoWooD filed for bankruptcy in January. Fall of Setarrif was supposed to release this Friday, 25th March.

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Arcania: Gothic 4

Arcania: Gothic 4

Drugdeons and laggards.

In the time-honoured RPG tradition, I've been collecting swords.

Not to use, necessarily Arcania's endless kill-and-loot cycle so rarely throws up compelling gear, it's almost a joke but to sell. Gold is required to buy crafting blueprints from the smithy, so I can tinker up some interesting magical weapons of my own. These blueprints are astronomically expensive, but I've been collecting for some hours now. Let's see what the shopkeeper thinks of my wares.

32 swords, nine crossbows, 19 bows, 17 shields, a dozen orcish maces, a couple of hundred arrows and a magical warhammer nearly twice my height called Cold Hatred. I wait for the trader's reaction to my titanic haul. Seriously, I'm like Doctor Who, cheerfully jogging an endless string of first-division players out of the Tardis in front of a baffled Fabio Cappello.

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Gothic 3 add-on fix coming this year

No more buggy games, promises JoWooD.

JoWooD has told Eurogamer that a patch to fix buggy Gothic 3 expansion Forsaken Gods will arrive "within this year", although it has been nearly two weeks since the original and quite severe problems were reported.

JoWooD revokes Gothic 4 date

RPG may not arrive next year.

Update: JoWooD has explained to Eurogamer that Arcania: A Gothic Tale (Gothic 4) has yet to be given a date, and revoked the "late 2009" line a spokesperson from the publisher had recently given us.

First Gothic 4 details pop up

First Gothic 4 details pop up

Control the day and night cycle.

Developer Spellbound has delivered the first details for Gothic 4.

It will be subtitled Ancaria and take place 10 years after events in the third game. The action takes place on an archipelago where each island has its own climate, look and feel.

According to German PC Games Magazine (read by Tiscali Games), the headline attractions will be the opportunity to control a new day and night cycle with magic, plus the ability to ride all sorts of beasts plodding around the land.

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