Alpha Protocol News

Inside Obsidian: How RPG's greatest survivors kept the lights on

"They say the path to Hell is paved with good intentions."

Revealing Agent, BioWare's spy RPG that didn't survive the recession

"The concept was to do the other half of GoldenEye..."

Is Obsidian's new RPG called Eternity?

Countdown points to Friday as new clues emerge.

SEGA: Alpha Protocol sales were "slow"

Unspectacular RPG targeted in financials.

Alpha Protocol will only live once

Poor sales equal no sequel, says SEGA.

UK charts: Red Dead rides high again

Blur and Alpha Protocol miss top 10 entries.

SEGA explains Alpha Protocol DRM

One-off activation, countless installs.

Alpha Protocol uses Uniloc DRM

SEGA explains PC approach.

SEGA keen on AVP, Bayonetta sequels

Hints at Total War MMO, too.

Alpha Protocol dated

Late May release for spy RPG.

Alpha Protocol now down for summer?

Slight slip from spring suggested.

SEGA confirms Alpha Protocol delay

Espionage RPG pushed to spring 2010.

Alpha Protocol delayed to summer 2010?

SEGA's spy RPG facing six-month hiatus.

Alpha Protocol out in October

Would sir like a date with his trailer?

SEGA: Sonic Unleashed out in November

But Aliens and Total War fall into 2009.

SEGA confirms Alpha Protocol

Secret agent RPG from KOTOR II developer.

Obsidian's secret agent RPG unveiled

Complete with girls and romance.