Leaked images of Rockstar's spy game Agent appear

Once a PS3 exclusive, now simply MIA.

A few new screenshots and pieces of art from Rockstar's mysterious spy game Agent have appeared. They come from an artist who worked on the game in 2009/2010, which means the assets old and not indicative of any renewed development on the project, but they do at least confirm that some meaningful work was originally carried out. Reddit dug them up and also linked to a similar batch of Agent assets excavated in 2011. I've embedded a few of the most screenshot-looking shots here.

VideoVideo: Games stuck in development hell

Outside Xbox refuses to let go.

It's E3 next week, but before we start getting excited about brand new games, spare a thought for the ones that got away - or rather the ones that supposedly still exist but, let's be honest, we have given up all hope of ever getting to play.

Rockstar renews trademark for MIA PS3-exclusive Agent

Rockstar renews trademark for MIA PS3-exclusive Agent

GTA maker's infamous vapourware spied.

Grand Theft Auto maker Rockstar is apparently unwilling to give up the naming rights to its mysterious PlayStation 3-exclusive Agent.

The company has renewed a pair of trademarks protecting the name Agent and the game's logo - specifically the fact that it has "the shape of a handgun comprising the internal section of the letter 'G'".

The trademarks (dug up by Siliconera) are the first indication for some time that Rockstar has not given up on the project entirely.

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FeatureE3 2012: The Vapourware List

The absent games we're beginning to wonder about.

Amidst all the excitement about E3 press conference stars like Beyond, Watch Dogs and Need for Speed: Most Wanted, it's easy to forget that not everything we hear about will make it to fruition, and that the time it takes for a game to go from spectacular reveal to an ignominious death that no one even bothers to report is only as long as it takes for a trailer to fade from memory. Given that we've published 478 videos so far this week, and some of them were for games like that Nike Plus thing, that's not long.

E3: Rockstar North exclusive for PS3

Sony has announced a new PlayStation 3 exclusive from Rockstar North called Agent during its ongoing E3 conference.

According to SCEA boss Jack Tretton, it "will take a player across the globe amid the shadowy world of espionage and assassins in the darkest hours of the 1970s".

Rockstar kept its distance from the conference - although it usually does, preferring to show games in its own way later.

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