The 3rd Birthday - Parasite Eve News

EU PlayStation Store Update 30th March

Swarm! The 3rd Birthday! Ghosbusters!

3rd Birthday's shower scene is steamy

Japanese censors raise content rating.

The 3rd Birthday has a shower scene

Square Enix caves to fan demand.

Dissidia, 3rd Birthday for spring 2011

Square Enix details impressive PSP line-up.

Squeenix quiet on EU 3rd Birthday date

Announcement promised "soon".

Kitase: Kinect, Move "awkward" for RPGs

But motion mini-games could add "spice".

3rd Birthday not intentionally "erotic"

Kitase "hopes" to make a sequel.

Square talks FF Versus XIII "difficulties"

Versus XIII and Agito XIII a long way off.

The 3rd Birthday confirmed for Europe

Parasite Eve spin-off on PSP.

3rd Birthday, KH Re:coded heading West

Square confirms Parasite Eve/Disney titles.

Square Enix clarifies PSP game reveals

New Parasite Eve and FF Agito XIII.