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Forza's June date confirmed

Racing sequel on the grid.

Microsoft has finally confirmed that Forza Motorsport 2 will be released on 8th June.

That was the message from retail earlier this week, although this is the first time that Microsoft has officially confirmed the game's European release date.

The Xbox 360-exclusive racer features more than 300 cars, improved customisation systems and of course a host of online racing options. If you thought Forza 1 was impressively put together, this might turn your head.

That's certainly what game director Dan Greenawalt reckons. "The added horsepower of Xbox 360 has allowed us to redefine what it means to be a racing simulator with Forza Motorsport 2," he said, ahead of a visit to the UK to demo the game next week.

"We've turned mountains of real world raw data into a living, breathing simulator where the only difference between the game and reality is that you're racing from the comfort and safety of your living room."

Look out for full impressions and more from the developer in the near future, along with a review closer to the game's 8th June release.

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