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Forza 2 due out in May

Gives it vroom to manoeuvre.

Wire up your wireless racing wheels and perform other necessary preparatory tasks: Forza Motorsport 2 is due out in May.

That's the good news coming our way in the latest slightly-rude-sounding Pitpass Report on the game's official site, where community person Che Chou explains:

"Wait, so just May 2007? No exact release date? Not if we could help it. Our schedule right now has us hitting Xbox certification around the middle of April and going gold soon afterwards.

"We want them to put the game on shelves as soon and fast as they can humanly muster. So optimistic estimates have us at retail in the first half of May - obviously the sooner the better and that's our goal."

Along with the likes of Crackdown, Forza 2 is one of 360's biggest titles for the first half of calendar '07, having originally been down for release late last year. It's been making solid progress since its unveiling at E3 last year, with recent reports pointing to a solid 60fps framerate.

Read more about it in Kristan's X06 write-up, where he got to take a spin around Tsukuba.

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