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Football Manager 2014 will be on Linux as well

Adds cloud saves, Challenge Editor, Steam Workshop...

This year's new Football Manager game will be on Linux for the very first time - goal! That's as well as Windows and Mac, and all three versions are due out before Christmas.


Another new feature this year is cloud saving, so you can dip into your career from computers around the world (if you're planning to go around the world).

There's Steam Workshop integration for tinkering with photo/logo packs and custom competitions, and you can conjure your own in-game challenges using the free pre-game Editor. Do the Brighton and Gus Poyet living happily ever after challenge!

In addition, the 3D match engine has been improved, as has the popular Classic mode introduced last year. Generally everything is more nuanced, better looking and realistic.

And like last year, if you pre-order, you'll get access to a beta version of the game a couple of weeks before the off.

Developer Sports Interactive will go into detail on the improvements this year in a series of blog posts leading up to release.

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Football Manager 2014

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