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Final Fantasy 13-2 "to be continued" ending explained

Is Final Fantasy 13-3 inevitable?

Square Enix has explained Final Fantasy 13-2's "to be continued" ending, which last week sparked speculation that Final Fantasy 13-3 was inevitable.

This isn't the case, director Motomu Toriyama told Japanese press at the Taipei Game Show 2012 event (via Andriasang).

There were a number of reasons for the inclusion of the "to be continued" ending. One, because Square Enix wanted to encourage players to find all of the Paradox Endings hidden away in the game.

Another is because Final Fantasy 13-2 will be extended through DLC, meaning players can expect a long play experience. Toriyama told fans Square Enix will continually release DLC, which is still being developed for the game.

Upcoming DLC includes the addition of Lightning and Amodar to the Coliseum Battle mode (confirmed for release in Europe on 7th February on Xbox Live and 8th February on PlayStation Network).

There's also a "large" Lightning Episode in the works. Episodes for Snow and Sazh are also expected.

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