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FIFA 18 career mode has cutscenes and a conversation wheel

Wenger out.

FIFA's story mode, The Journey, already has Frostbite-powered cutscenes where you make decisions using a conversation wheel. Well, now they're in Career Mode.

EA Sports has finally lifted the lid on FIFA 18's career mode, and revealed interactive transfer negotiations.

In a blog post, EA said it has overhauled the transfer negotiation process to create real-time transfer and contract negotiations.

The Frostbite-powered cutscenes have interactive decision wheels, which are designed to let you negotiate in-person with opposing club and player representatives, including managers and agents. Or you could pull an Arsene Wenger and delegate the negotiations to your assistant because really you have no intention of buying anyone.

Here's what the decision wheel lets you do: you can submit an offer fee, including option conditions such as a sell-on clause (probably best to set that to $1bn just in case PSG come sniffing around). Once you submit an offer you begin dialogue with the opposing manager, who will either accept, reject or counter your offer.

EA said there's new AI so opposition managers "will engage with dynamic and varied responses to get the best deal for their club".

It looks a bit like this: here's Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho negotiating with Everton boss Ronald Koeman for the transfer of Romelu Lukaku. As you can see from the Lukaku Man Utd shirt hanging on the wall in the background, Mr. Mourinho confident he was going to get his man.

Once you agree a fee you negotiate with the player and his agent to determine the player's wage, contract length as well as his role in the squad (don't tell Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain you want him to play at wing back, whatever you do).

Once you sign the deal you can a fancy news clip in the Career Mode main menu. This includes their announcement and unveiling, with billboards, line-up shots with their new teammates and a press conference with the new manager.

To see how the transfers look in gameplay terms, check out the video below. It's worth noting there's no voice acting for the footballers and managers. Mourinho doesn't have time to record audio for video games, after all.

The whole thing is designed to add some flair to FIFA's career mode, which some players have said was getting a bit stale.

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