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Ex-Monolith devs announce 17th century horror FPS Betrayer

Coming to Steam Early Access next week.

Ex-staffers from Monolith - the studio behind F.E.A.R. and No One Lives Forever - have formed the six-person indie outfit Blackpowder Games, and revealed its debut title as the black-and-white-white-with-red-all-over first-person horror adventure Betrayer.

Set in 1604 Virginia, players assume the role of a would-be coloniser arriving in the new world only to find it littered with ghosts and ravenous, bloodthirsty conquistadors. Players will have to use rustic 17th century technology like muskets, crossbows and throwing axes to survive this nightmarish wilderness.

While only just announced today, Betrayer is already coming to Steam Early Access next week on 14th August. That was quick! Get a look at its stark infusion of eastern horror and the American frontier in Betrayer's debut trailer below.

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