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Eurogamer.net Podcast #29

Keza joins us to talk Limbo, GTA, Kinect and Street Fighter.

Order has been restored. Following last week's mutinous No Toms edition of the podcast, this week Tom Bramwell is back in the host's throne for nearly an hour of exciting discussion about Xbox Live darling Limbo, Street Fighter X Tekken X Tekken X Street Fighter Etc and other exciting topics. Exciting.

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We're also joined this week by regular Eurogamer.net contributor and professional Demon's Souls evangelist Keza MacDonald, along with our news editor Wesley Yin-Poole, who helps us dissect the events of the past seven days, including our long-overdue sceptical/grudgingly open-minded consideration of the Kinect pricing announcement.

This week also saw news that StarCraft II will not be reviewed before release, which we get firmly stuck into even as we stroke boxed copies of the game that were destined not to work until the early hours of this morning.

We also find time to contemplate Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux's musings about games development, and specifically the great challenges he often faces trying to explain his ideas to people who have no frame of reference.

There's even some stuff about books (Kafka! Lansing! Webb!) inspired by the forum (we were surprised as well) and a few questions for Keza about her sordid past/present as a freelance games journalist, before she takes up her most important role yet as Guest Hyphenator in the latest of our code giveaways.

Join us next week when our special guest should be Andy Payne of Mastertronic and Get Games fame.

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