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Ecco the Dolphin creator discussing new game with Sega


The creator of Ecco the Dolphin has announced he is meeting with Sega to discuss a new title in the aquatic adventure series.

Ecco mastermind Ed Annunziata revealed the news via his Twitter account (via VG247, and added that publisher interest made the chances of a new game multiply by a hundred.

"Chances of a new Ecco the Dolphin x100!" he excitedly wrote.

Subsequent messages revealed Annunziata had doodled an Ecco drawing on his whiteboard and, perhaps more importantly, secured the services of original Ecco composer Spencer Nielsen for the project.

Ecco the Dolphin first surfaced on Sega Mega Drive. Several sequels followed, while the original was later released on Steam, Wii Virtual Console and Xbox Live Arcade.

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Ecco the Dolphin

iOS, Xbox 360

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