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EA/Capcom games dodge volcano delays

FIFA World Cup, SSFIV, LP2 on time.

VOLCANO WATCH: EA and Capcom have assured Eurogamer that their imminent releases are not buried under tons of death-ash spouted from Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano.

EA said all 2010 FIFA World Cup stock "is in" and the publisher has encountered "no problems". The football game is due out on 30th April.

Meanwhile, Capcom said the volcano "will not affect" the release of Super Street Fighter IV or Lost Planet 2 "at all". That's brave - Eyjafjallajökull could literally kill a city.

Super Street Fighter IV is also due out on 30th April, while Lost Planet 2 arrives mid-week on Tuesday, 11th May.

Nintendo, which handles all Wii and DS game distribution, told us earlier today that its preferred method of stock transport was road. Problems aren't "expected", but a sea of holiday-makers trying to get home by road might clog proceedings.

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