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Dead or Alive 6 hair colour change microtransaction "a complete slap in the face"

Let it dye.

Koei Tecmo is charging Dead or Alive 6 players real-world money to change a characters' hair colour.

This microtransaction, bizarrely, is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 version of the game, and is done via its existing premium ticket system. The tickets work out at one dollar each, and it costs one ticket to change a character's hair.

In one of the most egregious microtransactions we've ever seen, Dead or Alive 6 charges players to change a character's hair colour from 16 colours, but that doesn't unlock the colour for unlimited use thereafter. Rather, you're just paying to change the colour. A premium ticket is consumed every time you change a character's hair colour.

This means if you revert the hair colour back to the original colour, which costs 10,000 in-game currency, you have to spend another premium ticket - aka real-world money - to change it to the colour you first changed the hair to.

The video below, from DOA YouTuber EmeryReigns, goes into detail on how it all works and why it's an issue. As you'd expect, the fighting game's community is pretty upset at this new microtransaction, which is so outlandish it's broken out into the wider online video game community. "You can't help but think the entire hair colour implementation in DOA6 is a complete slap in the face," he says.

Making matters worse, the hair colour change data is stored in your Dead or Alive 6 save data and any hair colour changes you've bought will be reset if you clear your save data. Yikes.

Dead or Alive 6 already has a bad reputation for its microtransactions (you'll need to spend hundreds of pounds to get all of the various costumes), but this new hair colour microtransaction is perhaps the worst yet.

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