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Crysis beta news soon

Don't panic: new trailer.

A multiplayer beta for Crytek's sci-fi PC shooter Crysis may not be too far away, according to EA, who told Eurogamer this week that it expects to announce details of the program "soon".

"The multiplayer is progressing great," said a spokesperson for the publisher. "We do have some surprises for our beloved fans, and we will soon announce our beta program plans to experience for yourself."

We hope the surprise doesn't leave us naked and handcuffed to a lampost like last time.

Crysis is a showcase title for the sparkly new DirectX 10, and if you've been lurking around Eurogamer TV today you may well have seen the new trailer exhibiting the title's technical prowess.

The game tells the story of a gigantic asteroid that crashes into a Earth in 2019. Things take a turn for the worst when the rock opens to reveal a 2km-high alien craft, and you're sent in as the leader of a crack squad of troops to investigate the frozen core of the problem. Shooting first, questioning later.

Be sure to check out our preview from the recent CES show in Las Vegas, and don't forget about that new video.

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