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Climbing ranks in Hearthstone is about to get easier

My god, it's full of stars.

Hearthstone's Ranked Mode is getting another shake up - one which should make levelling up a little easier.

Starting with February's ranked play season, developer Blizzard will lower the number of stars required to move up - for all but the highest rungs of the ladder.

The system places things closer to Hearthstone's original model, with three stars for some levels and four for others, instead of the tougher climb implemented in Blizzard's previous change.

From February, you'll need just three stars to move from any level to another up to rank 16, then four each to move up to 11, and then five each to ascend through the final top 10.

Rank and file.

This change should hopefully encourage more people back to Hearthstone's standard mode, even if its most recent expansions, themed around spooky woods, mad scientists and a giant arena tournament, don't seem to have left as much of an impression as those in 2017.

Hearthstone generally releases its first expansion of the new year around April time - so we've a while yet to wait for that.

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