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This is my public bio. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. My public bio is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my public bio is useless. Without my public bio, I am useless.

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Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

Is EA taking the Rise?


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New Crimson Skies content available

New map and plane makes Moe a Moe Moe.

High-flying fans of Crimson Skies will be pleased to learn of new content available for the game over Xbox Live - a new plane and multiplayer map to be precise.

Nokia announces Ashen

Self-published too, bless 'em.

Nokia has excitedly issued a press release announcing a new self-published first-person shooter called Ashen. The gothic-horror styled title - developed by Melbourne-based Torus Games - naturally features plenty of "impressive gameplay and unique features", and will take place in the fictional Seven River City, pitting you against eight enemy types as you attempt to rescue the city's citizens.

Warcraft 3 patched

More Orc for your buck.

Blizzard has released a patch for Warcraft III and its expansion The Frozen Throne, making an enormous amount of changes that would take us all day and a couple of pages to delve into - if you're really, really interested in every detail of the patch, then you can have a look at the list of changes on Blizzard's site here.

New Far Cry trailer

Let's get physical! (Physical!)

Ubisoft has released a new trailer of Crytek's gorgeous looking shooter Far Cry. Clearly intended to show off the game's physics engine (hence the filename), the video shows off various combat scenarios with combatants interacting with the environment by shooting barrels, scenery and inevitably each other.

Patch up your Halo

Oh we do love those patches.

Microsoft has released its first proper patch for Gearbox's PC Halo port since the game went retail. Remember that the previous update to the game merely enabled support for dedicated servers, and the update before that was released before the game had even hit the shelves. Halo 1.03 is set to be the first comprehensive update of the FPS, fixing a wealth of issues that almost exclusively deal with the game's multiplayer elements.

Raven Shield patched. Again.

You know you want it. Well actually you need it, so tough bananas.

Those Red Storm chaps eh? They do like their patches. Not being satisfied with releasing a patch for Raven Shield… not long ago, here's another one! So then, what does this one fix/add/ruin?

Long-time readers of the site will be well aware of my 'love' affair with the utterly risible FPS Postal 2 - a title which, given the opportunity, will launch me into tirades of abusive language and possible violence directed at surrounding machinery and/or furniture such is the horror of having to experience anything associated with that pathetic, impotent attempt at attention seeking. Which, I suppose, makes me no better than Running With Scissors themselves. Ho hum.

Legend releases XMP

Calling all Unreal II players! Calling al... hello? Is anybody there?

The magnificently disappointing Unreal II has, at last, a reason to be dusted off and housed on your hard drives once more. The reason? Multiplayer! And we know how much you needed another multiplayer FPS.

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