Eurogamer: Is there any significance to the fact the music used in the trailer is from Miller's Crossing?

Fumito Ueda: It has nothing to do with the movie. I liked the movie from the start and I had the CD soundtrack on my table, and I found the music matched with the image of this product. That's why I picked it.

Eurogamer: Are you hoping to also use the music in the finished game?

Fumito Ueda: It's just being used for the trailer.

Eurogamer: Is The Last Guardian set in the same world as ICO?

Fumito Ueda: I don't know yet.

Eurogamer: So you haven't decided - or you're just not saying?

Fumito Ueda: I haven't decided yet. Originally even for ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, we didn't plan to have the same setting between the two, but they ended up sharing the setting by the end.

Eurogamer: Is there any possibility we might see characters from those games appearing in The Last Guardian?

Fumito Ueda: No, I don't think so.

Eurogamer: Many people would describe ICO as a puzzle game with combat elements. Would you say the same description applies to The Last Guardian?

Fumito Ueda: I think there will be a bit less combat in The Last Guardian.


Eurogamer: So there will be more of an emphasis on puzzling?

Fumito Ueda: Yes.

Eurogamer: Will the game feature the same exploration-based puzzles we've seen in previous titles? How does introducing the character of Torico change the dynamic?

Fumito Ueda: We'll have larger objects in this new game, and that will be a big difference compared to previous titles. It will be a more dynamic type of game.

Eurogamer: How does the full physics engine in The Last Guardian help you to develop the gameplay?

Fumito Ueda: We've used a lot of physics elements in the previous games, but this time around we've introduced a full-scale physics element into the game. So that generated some consequences and features that we never expected to see. I think this will mean the game turns out to have some good things we never expected before.

Eurogamer: Have you had a chance to experiment with the PS3 motion controller?

Fumito Ueda: Not at this point.

Eurogamer: From what you've seen in the demonstrations, do you see potential for making the motion controller work with The Last Guardian or perhaps another project?

Fumito Ueda: I have an interest in it, but I have no plans at this point.

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