Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals 2020: What to expect

What offers do we expect to see on Nintendo Switch consoles, the Switch Lite, games and accessories.

As we steadily crawl towards freedom from the waking nightmare that is 2020, we cannot escape without a good look at what Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals to expect in November.

This year of lockdown and self-isolation has seen interest in home entertainment rise significantly - and the Nintendo Switch became one of the most sought after items to keep spirits up. However, with stock shortages after the busy Christmas period and supply chains disrupted due to COVID-19, it's been difficult to buy the hybrid console.

Fortunately, the situation has been improving over the last few months and Nintendo Switch stock levels are looking set to return to normality for Black Friday 2020. All the same, we wouldn't expect the availability or number of deals to match previous years. Black Friday should still be a good time to buy a Nintendo Switch console, though.

Now that's set some expectations, you've got a great head start on what to look out for when the Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals start rolling out in 2020. Somehow, we're just a couple of months away from the big sales event already. This may be a strange year for it, but you can use this page to be best prepared for all the deals!

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When is Black Friday 2020?

Black Friday falls on 27th November in 2020. Cyber Monday is shortly after on 30th November. Although the two have been split in the past, with the way the majority of shopping now takes place online the latter has become a little pointless. Instead, the two are basically combined into one massive shopping spree.

In fact, it almost feels like Black Friday lasts a whole month with the way retailers are starting their sales even earlier nowadays. We've seen some start way back at the beginning of the month, with the majority deciding to launch their early Black Friday deals exactly one week before the day itself. With Amazon Prime Day expected to happen in October this year as well, you might want to strap in for a two-month deals extravaganza. Oh, joy!

What Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals to expect in 2020?

From what we've seen over the last few years, it's probably safe to assume that the Nintendo Switch won't be seeing a massive discount over Black Friday 2020. It just doesn't really seem to be Nintendo's style to go for the huge price cuts we've for the other consoles. Instead, we see a lot of good value Nintendo Switch bundles. These often contain some of the console's most wanted games at no extra cost. Just watch out for the ones that throw in loads of unnecessary accessories and other tat to bulk up the cost.

While the console is in such a strong position, retailers can easily take this approach, though. The Switch always sells great guns even without a price reduction. Sony and Microsoft may be fighting it out the be the big dog for next-gen with the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but Nintendo is happy to sit back and let their console tick along nicely.

In that case, we can most likely expect that £280/$300 price point to stand firm - although you should get a game bundled in for free, too. Expect many first-party hits to be the ones included, with Pokémon, Animal Crossing New Horizons and Mario Kart 8 all strong possibilities.

It'll be most interesting to see how they approach the Switch Lite as well. A year on and with a different audience in mind for it, could that be the one to get a more significant discount? As an already much cheaper version of the console on the market, though, it seems unlikely to be anything massive. Perhaps there will be another small £30 drop on the Switch Lite like last year, while the £200 price point will come with a free game.


Last year's best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals

Nintendo's plan for Black Friday last year seemed to be focused on clearing its stock of Labo Kits. The quirky cardboard creation gained a hugely positive reception but if boxes of it were clogging up the storeroom it's certainly been shifted now. In fact, many of last year's best Nintendo Switch Black Friday bundles allowed you to add a Labo Kit for free.

On the other hand, there was a surprising lack of Switch bundles featuring some of the console's biggest games. That said, when it's still selling like mad - as evidence by recently breaking the 60m units milestone - you can see why Nintendo feels no pressure to go too over the top with bundle deals. That is until they dropped a Switch and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundle immediately after Black Friday - the rascals!

Over in the US, though, clearance of old stock was the story once again. There was the Mario Kart 8 bundle (that's the one that features the older Switch model) plus a few others featuring the likes of Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Nothing amazing, then.

Things got a little more interesting in terms of games. Many big first-party releases were reduced to their lowest ever prices, especially in the US. There were also some bargains to be found on the Nintendo eShop. Not bad for a place that seems to come with its own Nintendo tax on digital games! We found some good prices on accessories, SD cards and other extras as well.

Overall, it wasn't the most thrilling selection of Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals if you were looking for a massive discount on the console. But, all the same, if you wanted to buy one prior to Christmas you could get some decent value for your money.


How to get the best Black Friday deals?

It can be very easy to get caught up in the excitement of Black Friday and end up buying stuff you would never usually want. Why not, though? It's so cheap! However, we'd encourage you to be a little more prepared ahead of the big day so you don't end up with a whole load of tat you wish you never bought.

With that in mind, it's best to go into Black Friday with a few items in mind that you know you definitely want. Say it's a new TV or a Nintendo Switch, you can do some preparation in the days before to see what the prices have been in the past or have a look at some of the better deals from earlier in the year so you know you're getting a bargain.

Make sure you do some searching around before making a snap purchase, too. Check across a variety of retailers such as Amazon, Currys PC World, Game, the Nintendo Official UK Store, Very, Argos and more to see how their offers compare. Just because one place states they have a terrific Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal, another may be ready to match or beat it!

That's what these pages are here to help with, too, as we'll be scouring the net during Black Friday 2020 to bring you all the best bargains.

That should about cover everything you might need to prepare you for the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals in 2020. With the next-gen consoles arriving from Sony and Microsoft, too, it'll be an interesting year to follow the PlayStation 4 Black Friday deals and Xbox One Black Friday deals as well! And be sure you're following Jelly Deals on Twitter, where will be posting a whole host of Black Friday deals throughout the entire sales period.

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