Nintendo Switch Black Friday 2019: the best deals on consoles, games, Switch Lite, accessories and more

Our pick of the best offers on Nintendo Switch consoles, the Switch Lite, games and accessories.

Is it really November already? Somehow, yes it is. And you know what that means: it's time to go hunting for some Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals. It's a chaotic few weeks of discounts and reductions, but there's no greater feeling than bagging yourself a cheap Nintendo Switch console at the end of it all. Maybe, if we're lucky, we could see our first Nintendo Switch Lite Black Friday discount of 2019 too!

Now there are only a few weeks to go, it's clear that some retailers are starting to put together some early Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals. There's nothing truly mind-blowing out there, but that hasn't stopped us from searching for what's already available and bringing it your way. Who knows: we may stumble across a good offer or two before the big day!

We dive a bit further into speculation further on, where we'll be having a good old think about what Nintendo Switch Black Friday offers we actually expect to come across this year. There's also a look back at some of the Nintendo Switch offers that were up for grabs in last year's Black Friday. Another year on from release, we're expecting something pretty special this time around. Let's a-go!

The best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals so far


You don't often see the Nintendo Switch on sale, so we're not all that surprised to find things relatively quiet prior to Black Friday. That said, Amazon has launched a range of new Switch bundles. Most are floating around their expected price, but there are some good offers if you can't wait for Black Friday and whatever Nintendo Switch deals await. There are also these pairs of Nintendo Switch games up for grabs, too.

Apologies to those in the US: there's nothing at all. At least not now an earlier bundle at Walmart ended. What we do know, though, is that a Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with be available for $299 on the day. As will a whole host of first-party Switch titles starting at $29.99!

In the UK:

In the US:

Black Friday 2019: when is it?

Black Friday 2019 will be on 29th November. It's not just a single day event now, though. You can fully expect retailers to be gearing up for the sales weeks in advance. They may tease some offers early and put little tasters live in the days prior before going all out on Friday. Anything that we do see ahead of schedule will go right into this page!

However, things usually don't end there. You can expect to see more bargains across the weekend and then another spike of sales from Cyber Monday onwards. Don't worry if it sounds like a nightmare to keep track of, though. Just keep your eyes on our hub pages and we'll bring you all the latest offers.

What Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals will there be this year?

As one of the most popular items last year, you know competition is going to be fierce to secure the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals. Many retailers will be fighting for your attention as it's expected to be an extremely popular gift once again. Not only is there the newly-released Switch Lite, but we've also got Pokémon Sword and Shield launching too!


Keep an eye out for a Nintendo Switch bundle with either version of the new Pokémon RPG, then. We might be getting a bit hopeful if we expect to see them thrown together at the £250 mark, but let us dream. How about £280, though? Either way, look out for it as Lightning Deal at Amazon. It'll be extremely popular if it does happen but we'll be sure to let you know as soon as we know anything, so keep this page bookmarked!

You should absolutely expect Nintendo Switch bundles with some of the console's older first-party titles, though. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey and Fire Emblem: Three Houses are the big ones, here. Many of these games could also see discounts that excite us more than the usual tepid Switch sales!

You'll also want to have a close eye on which version of the console is included in the sales. The new Nintendo Switch with extended battery life is the one to go for, but places clearing stock of the older edition may offer bigger discounts.

It'll definitely be worth keeping an eye on the Nintendo eShop, too. Even though the digital store is usually very pricey - even with a sale underway - you should be able to find a Nintendo Switch Black Friday bargain on a few indies or classic ports. Oh, and we can't forget about accessories such as Joy-Con controllers and Switch microSD cards. You're going to need all that space for any games you pick up!

Will the Nintendo Switch Lite be on sale for Black Friday?


The Nintendo Switch Lite will only have been on sale for a little over two months by the time Black Friday rolls around. With that in mind, you probably shouldn't expect a huge price drop on the £200 console. It's already launched at a lower price compared to the standard Switch to provide a better entry point for anyone new to the console or for those who only want to play in handheld mode. In that sense, it's already a bargain!

That said, we wouldn't be surprised if there's a solid bundle with a premium Switch game such as The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening that drops to around £180. If not, it'll be £200 - guaranteed. That seems a reasonable prediction based on some of the Nintendo Switch Lite offers we've seen already since the launch of the new console.

What about the NES Mini and SNES Mini, too?

Good question! Given the scarcity of stock now seems less of a limiter compared to last year we could see a small discount on Nintendo's pair of retro consoles. As they are perfect gift items they should see a jump in popularity so we'll absolutely track down any NES Mini or SNES Mini Black Friday deals. Still, don't hold out hope for anything too significant. They won't drop to £20 or $20 like the PS Classic did recently!


What were last year's best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals?

Last Black Friday in the UK, we saw a Nintendo Switch console drop to £250. Any bundles that included a single game bumped the price up to around £280. That's around the recommended price of the console by itself. Many of the console's first-party titles were also reduced to £40 or below. Again, not a massive reduction but definitely to be expected for a Switch release.

It was basically the same deal in the US. A Nintendo Switch console with a single game would set you back around $300. There was a solid Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal at GameStop that gave you a console and a $50 gift card for that price, which you could use to get a small selection of cheaper games. Sadly, offers on individual games were a little underwhelming if you were looking for first-party titles.

That'll do for now. Make sure you keep this page bookmarked and check in regularly over the coming weeks as we steadily add more of the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals to the page. At Jelly Deals, you'll also find our picks for the best Nintendo Switch SD cards and the best price for Switch Online. You can also take a glance at our hubs for all of the PS4 Black Friday offers and Xbox Black Friday bargains, too.

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