Spider-Man - The Main Event Fisk bossfight and how to beat Kingpin in Spider-Man PS4

How to beat Wilson Fisk, otherwise known as Kingpin, in Spider-Man PS4 mission The Main Event.

The Main Event, and its climactic Fisk bossfight with the Kingpin, is an exciting early mission in Spider-Man PS4 that gives you a great introduction to some basic mechanics.

Here on this page, we'll take you through the mission as well as how to beat Fisk in Spider-Man PS4, but for more guides like this, plus plenty of tips too, you can cycle back to our main Spider-Man walkthrough and guide hub.

Spider-Man - The Main Event mission

The Main Event is your first proper mission in Spider-Man PS4, and it's a pretty good one, taking you through various elements of Spidey's combat and traversal.

Your first task is to go and give the police a hand outside Fisk tower - tackle the enemies there, and then follow the waypoint into the building.

Clear the atrium

Once inside, you've more enemies to take out. Clear the room of bad guys by any means you fancy, and remember to say mobile - in the early game, moving around is the way to keep yourself safe in combat.

Clear the balcony

You'll now be prompted to use a Zip To Point move - pressing L2 and R2 together - up to the balcony where three more enemies wait. This is a mainstay of your movement in Spider-Man so it's worth taking the time to get used to, as you'll use it a lot!


Infiltrate the building

After the balcony's clear and the cutscene's over, you need to climb up the lift shaft. It's simple enough, just push L towards the wall to start climbing, and hold R2 to run up it a lot faster.

Climb into the vent at the top, crawl through it, and eventually you'll reach a grate with a Triangle button prompt for you to drop through.

Clear the area of Fisk's men

You'll find yourself in a big room with several levels - your job is to defeat all the men on the various levels, so use that Zip To Point move to work your way up one floor at a time.

Enter the server room

With the enemies down you'll need to hop up into the vent above the Server Room entrance (where the waypoint leads you). Go through the vents again, perform the Vent Takedown with Square when prompted, and then hop out into the server room.

Stop the countdown

There's a timer on the screen behind the enemies - you need to take them out before it hits zero. Remember to use the debris to throw at enemies (with L1 and R1) to knock them down and give yourself space!


Take care of the guards

More enemies burst in after you stop the countdown - take them out!

Help the civilians

When you exit the server room a bomb will go off, and after a short cutscene you're prompted to climb higher to help the trapped civilians. Follow the waypoint, and be prepared for some QTEs (quick time events) involving some button mashing as you work through the debris.

After that's done use the vent to progress when prompted, to the next area.

Help the bomb squad

They've got rockets! Dodge incoming RPGs from enemies in the same way you'd dodge gunfire, only with a little more timing. Wait for them to just start to fire the rocket then instantly press Circle to dodge it.

Take down the rest of the enemies in this final area, and then follow the waypoint to the doors on the top level.

Find the bomb squad

Pull open the doors when prompted, take out the enemies, and then prepare for a fight.

Defeat the dirty cops

That's right, it was a trap! You now have to fight some well-armed cops. Deal with the shield enemy with a specific combo: Square + Circle. This will punch their shield then see you slide beneath their legs for a free hit at their back, where you can then mash Square for a full combo to take them out.


Prioritise enemies with guns as always, and you should be fine.

After they're done, head through the next set of doors for your first bossfight.

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Fisk boss fight - how to defeat Kingpin

That's right, you've got a Kingpin bossfight this early in the game! First, his turrets.

To take down the turrets, look towards one (they're built into the pillars in the room), and mash R1 five or six times. This shoots some rapid-fire webbing at it and tangles it up.

Keep dodging the other one, and when you have a free second, press both L1 and R1 to grab the webbed turret, like you would a piece of debris, and throw it. Repeat for the other one.


How to beat Fisk, otherwise known as Kingpin

Now, it's time for some hand to hand combat with the big man. He'll counter your standard attacks, so you need to web him up first, like you just did with those turrets, by msahing R1 repeatedly.

When he's properly webbed you can then get a full combo off, by pressing Triangle to yank yourself over towards him whe prompted - but then back away before overdoing it, as he'll counter you once more.


He'll call in some men, and you'll have a fairly large number of enemies to work through. We recommend you keep mobile - you can actually web sling around the room by jumping and pressing R2 if you really need to get some space fast - and focus on the guys with guns first.

Once the most well-armed enemies are down, turn to Fisk by webbing him and then attacking, and repeating.

Keep an eye on your Spidey-senses and prepare to dodge often, use throwabale objects, repeat the combos on Fisk, and use the Triangle + Circle prompt as a 'finisher' on him too when the button prompts appear.

When he gets critically low he'll grab you for a mini cutscene - be prepared for more QTEs! The button order is:

  • Circle
  • L2 + R2
  • Triangle
  • Hit Square repeatedly

Time those right - remember to press the buttons as the outer circle closes down and hits the smaller inner circle of the prompts - and he'll go down.

Congrats! You've taken down your first boss in Spider-Man PS4.

Cycle back to our main Spider-Man walkthrough and guide hub for more pages like this to help you along the way.

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