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Primal Art winners announced

Caution: This article contains the words "sensory perception"

The winners of the previously reported PlayStation 2 Creative Award have been announced this week. Apparently the judges - including artists Marc Quinn and Dinos Chapman, SCEE's VP of development Phil Harrison, and Chris Sorrell, Creative Director at Studio Cambridge - were completely split on the decision of who the winner should be, and have subsequently announced two winners.

Philip Dodd, head of the Institute of Contemporary Arts and chair of the judging panel said, "The judging process was fascinating. In the end there was a split - between the gaming professionals and the art professionals. The gamers chose a work that looked like 'art'; the artists chose something that looked like a screensaver."

One of the winners and the preferred choice of the artist judges, Robert Miller, submitted a piece entitled "kw.m2e", a stop motion animation of long exposure photographic stills. Robert had the following predictably impenetrable guff to spout: "This is a result of my interest in exploring the potential for fresh sensory perception through technology. The clip is an attempt to get as close as possible to experiencing something that does not naturally exist outside of the fantastic world of our imagination and dreams." Righto.

The other winner, Edinburgh College of Art graduate Selina Cobley, wasn't quoted about her win with her submittal of an animated story, but apparently she's won all sorts of arty accolades and things.

"Primal Art - portrait of the artist as a video gamer", the exhibition of art inspired by Primal around which the competition was based, closed today. Primal is released April 11th on PlayStation 2.

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