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Anarchy goes on

Anarchy Online add-on on the way

Norwegian developers Funcom will be unveiling an expansion pack for their massively multiplayer game Anarchy Online at this year's E3 trade show. Titled Anarchy Online : Shadowlands and due for release at the end of the year, the add-on will feature new locations to explore (including the eponymous Shadowlands and a floating city), new variations on the original game's breeds, new high level items and a wider choice of armour. The pack will also give players more ways to develop their characters, with a specialization system which allows you to branch off into new subprofessions that can give you access to special abilities or reduce the cost of improving certain skills or attributes. Expect to hear more after this year's E3, where Shadowlands will apparently be the only game on display at Funcom's stand. Sadly this seems to suggest that no further progress has been made on their much more interesting viking MMRPG Midgard since it was put on hiatus a few months ago. Related Feature - Midgard put on hold

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