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Xbox is a flop in Europe too

Console slumps in UK charts

As if collapsing sales figures in Japan weren't bad enough, the Xbox this week had to face harsh facts here in Europe as well. At launch the console performed strongest in the UK, selling some 48,000 units in its first weekend. Since then sales have gradually been slipping though, and last week (only its second full week on sale) saw the Xbox virtually vanquished from the UK all formats chart, according to the latest Chart Track figures. Halo dropped from 4th to 13th, Project Gotham fell to 23rd, and somewhat embarrassingly Xbox covergirl Dead Or Alive 3 is currently being outsold by the Platinum re-release of Dead Or Alive 2 : Hardcore on the PS2. No other Xbox exclusive titles are left in the all formats top 40, although if you discount PC games and console budget releases Rallisport Challenge, Jet Set Radio Future, Star Wars : Obi Wan and Munch's Oddysee all squeeze into the lower reaches of the chart. Either way it's not happy reading for Microsoft, and weekly hardware sales are thought to be down to four figure numbers in the UK already. A price cut would be good any time now, Redmond. Related Feature - Xbox is a flop in Japan

Source - Chart Track

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