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Apex Legends players solve Easter egg hunt, spawn giant dinosaur

A prehistoric discovery.

A few days ago you may have seen this Reddit post highlight a peculiar message in the Apex Legends kill feed. Sandwiched in-between the usual murder and death was the comment "a nessy appears". Mysterious and unexplained - until now.

After community manager Jay Frechette confirmed that "someone is on to something", naturally, the internet had to investigate. It turns out the message appears when a player finds a small dinosaur toy or "nessy" on the map, and then shoots the poor little guy.

Monster Hunter World, eat your heart out.

Soon, a dedicated subreddit called r/nessysecrets was established to hunt down the arena's many dinosaurs. It only took players a matter of hours to collectively discover all the critters, although according to Game Detectives Wiki, the process was sped up considerably when a (now deleted) Reddit account posted all the locations in a suspected datamine.

Seems it wasn't nessycary to scour the whole map for the Easter eggs. I kind of saur that one coming.

In any case, there are ten dinos to find in total, and shooting them in a specific order - within the space of one match - will summon a giant mother nessy out of the ocean on the edge of the arena. From watching video clips of the event however, I'd say it...er... lochs a lot like something else.

Watch Clip: Apex - Doing Easter Egg from GarbageKogMain on www.twitch.tv

If you want to spot nessy yourself, you can check out Miguel Lozada's guide to finding all the little critters around the map. You may want to try this with some friends, however, as shooting them all within one match is quite a challenge. Seems like a suitably mythical Easter egg hunt for a game about legends.

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