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An early version of Star Marine, Star Citizen's FPS, is out now

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A very early version of Star Marine, the first-person shooter portion of space game Star Citizen, is now available to play.

Alpha patch 2.6.0 was released to the Star Citizen Public Test Universe over the weekend, and with it Star Marine became available, with two maps and two game modes.

The maps are Station Demien and Echo Eleven. Elimination is a standard free-for-all mode. In Last Stand, Outlaws and Marines fight for four key computer access points.

The video, below, has 10 minutes of patch 2.6.0 gameplay designed to show off co-op action. (Be warned, the comms chatter is a little ugh.)

Developer Cloud Imperium warned Star Marine is an early build and there are a lot of issues with it. Leaderboards, for example, are not included.

Meanwhile, patch 2.6.0 adds four new flyable ships, four new variants of existing ships, new FPS combat mechanics such as cover, mantle and vault, ship balance changes and more. The patch notes are over at r/StarCitizen.

Star Citizen is still a work in progress. There are a number of modules available to play, but we're still not at the planetary landing part of Star Citizen yet.

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